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The forwarder need to seize the opportunity to free trade

2015-08-31 17:24:25      Source:

The ministry of commerce international trade and economic cooperation research institute, director of the institute of international service trade Li Gang on the BBS, said as the fta strategy gradually, international freight enterprise in China is facing new opportunities and challenges.

Fta strategy new progress

Under the background of the rapid development of economic regional integration, conveniently, integrated into the tide, to build with Chinese characteristics, with free trade area as the core of regional economic cooperation work has become China's strategic choice.

Li Gang said, at present, nine has signed free trade agreement include: Swiss FTA, China - China - Iceland FTA, China - costa rica FTA, China - Peru FTA, etc., and under the work of "one country, two systems", "four tickets in one country" quasi FTA in the WTO. Talking about free trade agreements with six, including GCC FTA, China - China - Australia, China, South Korea FTA, etc.

"At present, the fta negotiations main characteristic is: d on the perimeter, expanding; south-south upgrade, the breakthrough, from easy to difficult, step by step; expand areas, rich connotation." Li Gang also said that the FTA negotiations also faces some challenges, including the new issues of TISA WTO21 century, a new generation of FTA, the TPP, TTIP propulsion, industry to further open, industry injury, risk prevention and control and department coordination.

Talk about the future of free trade talks, Li Gang said the fta negotiations for China's opening to the outside world and development, and enhance the international competitiveness is very important. The future, the overall trend of fta negotiations is expanding the scope of the partners, expand the proportion in the trade, strive for greater breakthrough, should be to upgrade existing deepen, consider the WTO +, to be near FTA2.0 step by step.

Strategy and path for this, Li Gang advice is d around, comprehensive planning, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, comprehensive consideration, long-term plan, conveniently adjust, grasp the initiative, prioritize, flexible processing.

Freight enterprise opportunities and challenges

International freight logistics is an important part of the foreign trade industry, fta negotiations under the background of advancing in our country, facing the opportunities and challenges coexist.

In terms of opportunities, Li Gang thinks, one is to build the whole industry chain, collaborative development. Last year to this year, the ministry of commerce jointly with the central bank, Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of social sciences, as well as some relevant departments to do some research about the global value chain. As a matter of fact, both value chain, industry chain now has been globalization. As one ring chain forwarder logistics enterprise, also should put themselves in this to consider in the chain business development.

Second is FTA1.0 version contains the content of the service trade, mostly as a result, enterprises should first deepen the implementation, make full use of existing agreements, expanding trade in services exports; Followed by expansion upgrades, find business opportunities in the field of expanding trade in services and the new growth point.

Three is a cross-border integration development. Now due to the development of the Internet, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, Internet, social media, the wisdom of the city new technology integration of all industry is already here. In this process, our forwarder logistics enterprises will also benefit.

Four is "going out", and expand business. Commercial presence is the main characteristic of trade in services different from trade in goods.

As for challenge, Li Gang thought mainly from three aspects, including open markets, the industry whether open; Market access, the constraints openness; Domestic regulation, the department of industry specifications. To these questions, the enterprise should be positive to deal with.