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Container ship chartering market

2014-06-10 17:26:51      Source:

In the past few months, container ship chartering market higher in the cycle. Hamburg shipbrokers association's index of 4250 teu and 3500 teu and 4250 teu container ship chartering price has risen to $14846, $11277 / day/days and $10282 per day, year-on-year growth of 96.5%, 50.6% and 36.5%. Analysis of demand is often thought to be swayed by the influence of the west port and parts of Asia port congestion, but the British liner companies Lomar Shipping chief commercial officer Nick Bailey told Lloyd's daily in an interview, opening new routes are panamax container ship chartering market prices the main reason. Nick Bailey said at the same time, in the American west port after signing a five-year contract labor and capital, the spanish-american port labor dispute will not cause too much negative impact on the charter market.