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Talents wanted


2014-02-26 08:36:47 Source: Administrator

Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for market research and demand analysis;
2, responsible for the sales channels and customer management;
3, responsible for customer development and market development, has the strong team cooperation ability.

1, 1 years working experience in sales, sales management experience is preferred;
2, has the rich client resources and customer relationship, good performance;
3, have strong ability of market analysis, marketing, promotion and good interpersonal communication, coordination ability, analysis and problem solving skills;
4, a strong dedication to work, have a bright and cheerful disposition, has the strong team cooperation ability.

Wages and benefits:
1. 2200 basic salary + commission without responsibility
2. The five social insurance and one housing fund
3. The end of the double pay
4. The length of the bonus
5. Business trips