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Urumqi to west central Asia international freight trains a year 58 column operation

2015-08-31 17:23:31      Source:

Urumqi west railway to central Asia international freight trains operation, the first anniversary of urumqi customs, according to statistics released on March 13, west international freight trains running 58 column, a total of 2583 cars, 5160 teus.

West international freight trains main destination including kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, tajikistan, turkmenistan, uzbekistan 5 countries in major cities, a basic implementation of central Asia complete coverage of all railway site, radiation throughout the central Asia.

The trains operation in the year, in urumqi, urumqi railway administration and closely cooperate with the customs, to the west international freight trains goods "one declaration, one inspection, a release", set "westbound trains dedicated" window, the designation of personnel for "quick, quick, quick", implements 24 hours for special cargo booking customs clearance, customs clearance formalities to do, to storage container set up special places, the goods over to check, set up from the storage, loading and unloading, and transportation to the outbound s "quick passage", convenient services and efficient customs clearance speed, ensure the new important hub of the silk road unimpeded.

At present, west international freight trains run has been on the right track. As the urumqi railway container terminal, cross-border e-commerce platform construction, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region will take further measures to encourage enterprises to "go out", actively develop central Asia market, attract more enterprises to adopt the line transport goods good credit standing, realize effective supervision enterprise convenient customs clearance and customs of win-win situation.