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Air France will cancel multiple loss-making routes

2015-08-31 17:02:23      Source:

On June 16, according to radio France international reports, as of may, air France losses has failed to improve. The company announced on June 15, time in Paris, will be before the end of the save out of euro 80 million (RMB 559 million) funds, to balance the expenditure, is one of specific measures in winter to stop four operating loss of medium-range and long-distance routes.

Air France said in a statement, face down four routes of stavanger, Norway, Italy verona vigo, Spain and Malaysia Kuala Lumpur route. At the same time, it will reduce air France in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, Brazil, Rio DE janeiro, Brasilia, Moscow, Russia and other regions of the flight frequency, and external procurement spending cuts, to ensure that by the end of the balance.

In addition, air France announced on the day of the French national airline pilots' union filed an emergency action, tries hard to implement in its flight the pilot group 2015 annual plan. Air France has said that lasted seven months of negotiations and failed to encourage trade union to carry out the the target plan, and the company expected by executing the plan, all job employee performance increased by 20%.

Air France has stressed that so far, the ground crew of 2015 annual plan to carry out the situation is almost one hundred percent; Followed by business cabin crew, implementation is about 96% to float; The worst is the pilot, in the implementation of the annual plans ratio was only 67%. , in order to improve the overall efficiency, so the company decided to revive the company morale, it is necessary to resort to emergency channel, in the hope of deadlock in negotiations, the company to obtain the power of the final decision.